Optimistic Outlook for Double Expresso

After brilliant pacing filly Double Expresso underwent a CT examination under anaesthetic, it was decided that the three-year-old did not require surgery to cure a cyst on her nearside hind pastern.

Jemma Hayman, wife of Double Expresso’s trainer Ross Olivieri and a qualified veterinarian, said that veterinary surgeon Dr David Murphy was against surgery.

“We knew from radiographs that Double Expresso had quite a large bone cyst in her short pastern bone, and in addition to that she had some bone changes to her cannon bone and her sesamoides,” she said.

“In many cases the way to treat a cyst is to put a screw across. But In Double Expresso’s case the cyst was two-thirds below the coronary band, meaning that surgery could be really difficult and could cause more harm than good.

At this stage we are looking at giving Double Expresso four months off before re-evaluating her and making a decision whether to bring her back into training or to give her a further two months off.

“The good thing is that age is on her side and the healing capacity of a younger horse is greater than that of an older horse. We’re optimistic about her chances of returning to racing. She will have gold star treatment.”